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This is a very prestigious award given to a person or couple who has been an active part of square dancing and has unselfishly volunteered their time and talents to the benefit and promotion of square dancing statewide. The fact that one is nominated is in itself a very high honor whether or not they enter the Hall of Fame. Candidates are nominated on their own merit – not whether they are a caller, cuer, or dancer. They should have a minimum of 10 years statewide involvement with SCISDA and should be known fairly well throughout the State of Illinois not only in their own Club or Affiliate organization. The 10 years is a guideline, not an absolute requirement. A candidate does not need to be a member of a club and may be nominated by any square dancer, call/cuer, club or affiliate.

There are no limits or restrictions to the number of people approved each year. Each recipient receives a Hall of Fame Badge to wear, a plaque to keep and a picture placed in the travailing Hall of Fame display case.

The first inductees were presented at the 25th SCISDA Annual Square & Round Dance Convention in July 2008 and the tradition continues each year. The Hall of Fame is wholly financed by SCISDA and the Hall of Fame Committee is appointed by the SCISDA President.

Nomination forms for the Hall of Fame should be sent to the SCISDA Corresponding Secretary for forwarding to the Committee. To be considered in a given year, nominations must be received no later than April 1st.

Click on the button below to download the Hall of Fame Nomination Form. If opened in Adobe Reader you can fill it out on your computer, will not be fillable if opened in browser other than Google Chrome.

SCISD Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Ben Baldwin – 2008

Ben progressed and promoted square dancing and set the precedence for the rest to follow. He always ben-baldwin-2008dressed as an entertainer—full suit, or western sport jacket, long sleeve shirts, tie, buckle and boots. Ben helped many clubs and callers get started and had the #1 Square Dance Badge making shop in the U.S. Ben became a legend. He was truly most influential for the dress, etiquette and popularity of square dancing in the State of Illinois.



Bill & Mickey Birge – 2008

Bill and Mickey held many offices in their club, in the Federation and on the State Council. They were bill-birgechairmen of the May Festival and SCISDA Convention Chairmen. Bill was the Touch A Quarter Editor and started the SCISDA website in 1996. This website kept all square dancers throughout the state informed on events until Bill’s death in May 2011. Bill & Mickey spent many hours promoting and helping square dancing become the activity it is today. This dedication earned Bill the title “Mr. Square Dancer”.


Bob & Donna Carpenter – 2008

Bob and Donna were active on the State Council for over 23 years. They have held many offices in their Carperterclub, federations and SCISDA and were Convention Facilities Chairmen for the first 23 years. They initiated the requirements needed for each facility which is still being used today. Bob & Donna have been the “behind the Scenes worker bees” and certainly spent many hours, many miles, and much research in order for us to enjoy square dancing today.


Bob & Kathy Curtis – 2008

Bob and Kathy were very enthusiastic square dancers and helped promote square dancing in the Quincy bob-kathy-curtis-2008area. They were active in their clubs and held all offices. They were SCISDA Convention Chairmen, Association Directors and VPs and President of the State Council. They often would load up their motor home with as many dancers as it would hold and drive the members to special dances throughout the State. Bob passed away in 2003 and Kathy attended the first 25 Illinois State Conventions. She continues to be a big supporter of square dancing but no longer dances due to health reasons.

Ray & Marilyn Grimshaw – 2008

Ray and Marilyn have been active in square dancing since the early 1980s. They have held offices in their Ray & Marilyn Grimshaw - 2008local clubs, associations and on the State Council. Ray and Marilyn have been the State Historians since 1966 and are currently working closely with the Peoria Lakeview Museum Board with the possibility of displaying some of our square dance memorabilia. They have greatly promoted square dancing and always been willing to serve as officers, leaders or wherever else they are needed.

Linda Hiltabrand – 2008

Linda has been square dancing since the mid 70s and, after getting her sister and parents involved, l-hiltabrandsquare dancing became a real family affair. This love and dedication has led Linda to hold offices in her local clubs and associations. She has been active on the State council for over 12 years serving as both Recording and Corresponding Secretary and President. She has traveled many miles and been to 56 member clubs, thus receiving 5 traveler badges. She has done several television interviews and spoken at the State Fair dances. Linda is a great promoter of square dancing and a real asset to our great activity.

Earle & Joy Hoyt – 2008

Earle and Joy helped organize their club in 1964 and held all positions. They were Convention and Facility j-e-hoytChairmen and Presidents of their association. Their enthusiasm for square dancing led to their involvement in the organization of our State Council – SCISDA. This involved much travel and many meetings with all clubs throughout the state. They were also very active and held many positions in the United Square Dancers of America. Joy passed away in 2001 and was, in every respect, the “First Lady of Illinois Square Dancing”.


Harry & Doris Jackson – 2008

Harry and Doris have been very active in country dancing since the mid-40s and modern western square Jacksondancing since 1980. They were Southern VPs and Presidents of SCISDA and helped coordinate the State Fair dance at Springfield. They spearheaded the movement to make Square Dancing the American Folk Dance of Illinois. Harry came up with the idea to use the Lincoln-head pennies as a give-away at the National Conventions which is still being used today. Their enthusiasm and dedication to square dancing has helped in making square dancing the fun-filled activity it is today.

George & Joyce Kammerer – 2008

George and Joyce began square dancing in the mid 40s and from there became very successful Round KimmererDance Cuers until their retirement in 2011. They have won medals, taught rounds in 23 states as well as Canada and Mexico, and held offices in many organizations. They have promoted many square and round dance weekends and campouts throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. They have written and published over 50 dances over the years and have one Golden Classic. Their dedication to square and round dancing will benefit us all for years to come.


Gene & Wilma Linker – 2008

Gene and Wilma have been active in square dancing since the early 1980s. They served in all positions in their club, initiated a monthly newsletter, were club Historians and prepared a written history of their club. They have greatly advertised and promoted square dancing in their community. They served as President of their association, served on the State Council, were great promoters in the St. Louis area for our Illinois State Convention and worked closely with the St. Louis National Convention committee. Gene & Wilma are staunch supporters of their association, SCISDA, the Illinois State Convention and clearly have demonstrated their dedication and devotion to square dancing.

Roberta Persons — 2008

Roberta was a very active and energetic square dancer. She represented and supported her club, association and state council. She was the first Historian for SCISDA and traveled extensively throughout the state taking pictures, setting up promotions, and collecting memorabilia. She was instrumental in the presentation of the “Heritage Dancers pageant” at the State Convention in Peoria, IL. Roberta was another dancer greatly responsible for having square dancing become the Official Folk Dance of the State of Illinois and was at the signing by Governor Thompson. She wrote a weekly square dance column for 3 local newspapers and some of her articles were presented in national publications.

Ozzie & Linda Pearl – 2008

Ozzie and Linda have been familiar faces in the square dance world for over 50 years. Ozzie has been an Ozzie & Linda Pearl - 2008active caller in Illinois and 4 other states and has called on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Ozzie & Linda have helped start four clubs in their area and one of these clubs is over 35 years old. Ozzie has taught lessons to over 10,000 square dancers within our state, helped re-activate the Illinois Square Dance Callers Association and had a radio program “Square Dance Time with Ozzie”. Linda & Ozzie have always supported and promoted square dancing and participated in and contributed to many square dance activities throughout our state.

Roy Rilling – 2008

Roy was a square dancer and caller. He wife, Bernice was a cuer. They held square and round dancing in roy-rilling-2008their basement for over 20 years and were very active in the RRADA Association clubs. Roy sponsored an “Appreciation of Square and Round Dance” each year from 1998 thru 2005. He paid for all expenses connected with these dances and the admission money was split evenly among any clubs who attended with 8 dancers or more. These dances were advertised by flyer, on the radio and televisions stations. Non-dancers were invited and encouraged to attend. Roy has been a great promoter and is greatly appreciated for all he has done for square dancing. In 2011 at 98, he kids about writing a book!

Mary & Ernie Wilson – 2008

Mary & Ernie were President, Treasurer and Publicity for their local club and Directors for the association. They served as Directors, Northern VPs and Recording Secretary for SCISDA. They were active in state conventions and made shirts and dresses for the fashion shows as well as donated quilts to the raffle. They participated in many civic events in their local area to promote square dancing. Mary passed away in early 2008.

Bob & Cinda Asp – 2009

Bob started square dancing at 8 years of age. He took lessons as an adult from Bill Peacock who, upon Asp - 2009graduation, gave Bob a record and told him to practice calling. Soon after, he attended caller school in Omaha, Nebraska, and upon graduation started Hub City Squares in Rochelle and called for many clubs. In 1990, while attending the Illinois State Convention, Bob met Cinda Scales Rickey who began dancing at 12 years old. They got married in 1991 and spent their honeymoon at the 40th National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bob has made 7 records for Solid Gold and partners with Tom Manning in providing sound equipment and technical services at several state conventions and festivals. He is a member of Caller Lab, the Illinois Square Dance Callers Association and Wisconsin Square Dance Leaders Council. He is also club caller and instructor for 2 clubs in Illinois. Cinda has served as Chair of the Caller Lab Grant Writing Committee and has chaired several instructional seminars for conventions in sewing, retaining dancers, and the business side of calling. Bob & Cinda co-chaired an Illinois State Convention and have been very instrumental in obtaining our featured Convention callers.

Curtis & Maria Bremer – 2009

Curtis and Maria began square dancing in 1988 and have been very active ever since. They are members Bremer - 2009of the Woodstock Squares and have held several offices in their club and association. They have been on the SCISDA Board for over 5 years having served 2 years as President. They have attended and volunteered at almost every convention since they began dancing. They have been active in promoting Illinois at the Showcase of Ideas at the National Conventions by passing out current year Lincoln pennies to attendees. They have attended many association activities throughout the State and have promoted square dancing statewide with their political connections. Curtis and Maria are hard working, dedicated, fun-filled square dancers and are great promoters for us throughout the State of Illinois.

Chuck & Becky Jaworski – 2009

Chuck began dancing in 1962, calling in 1965 and teaching and cueing rounds in 1994. He is very active in Jaworski - 2009Callerlab and has served on the Board of Governors since 2003. Chuck is the longest active member in the Illinois Square Dance Callers Association and has held many offices. He has been active in Roundalab and currently serves on their Board of Directors. Chuck and Becky are 1 of 2 couples ever to have served on both the Boards of Callerlab and Roundalab. Chuck has called and cued at every Illinois State Convention and programmed Contra as well.

Chuck has been club caller for 23 different clubs, and is currently club caller for 4 clubs and cuer for one. He created 3 square dance calls and taught beginner classes for 42 years. He is currently using the “multi-cycle” teaching method to bring new dancers into square dancing. He and Becky have choreographed 6 round dances and composed one Contra dance. We are please and proud of Chuck and Becky’s many accomplishments and their teaching and promoting this great activity through the State of Illinois.

Don & Mary Ann Steinkamp – 2009

Don and Mary Ann have been dancing since 1960 and have held offices in their club many times. Being steinkampvery close to St. Louis they greatly promoted square dancing and achieved the “Raiding Plaque” by attending over 60 club dances in the area within a six month period. They served on the SCISDA board for 11 years. Don and Mary Ann did all the printing for their association from 1999-2005 and became editors for the State Touch-A-Quarter Newsletter. In 1995 they convinced SCISDA to purchase a Riso printing machine to print all letterheads, envelopes, Touch-A-Quarter and convention registration forms and program books saving SCISDA a substantial amount of money.

Tom & Ella Manning — 2010

Tom Manning started square dancing with the Circle Square B Square Dance Club in Burlington, Iowa, Manning - 2010when he was eight years old. Four years later, Don Roberts a caller from Cedar Rapids encouraged Tom to learn to call. By the spring of 1975 Tom was calling guest tips around southeast Iowa. Tom married his high school sweetheart Ella in l983. Their dates consisted of going to Tom’s dances and lessons. That is how Ella learned to dance.

Tom called full time for about 15 years starting in 1984. He traveled extensively from California to Florida doing dances, weekends and festivals. Tom has called in approximately 40 states, including Hawaii. He has also called in Canada and Mexico. He now stays closer to home as his family has become his number one priority. Tom owns and produces Solid Gold Records and is in partnership with Bob Asp in Solid Gold Sound, providing sound for State Conventions and area festivals. He has also recorded on Cross Country, Chicago country, and Yellow Rose records. He is a member of CALLERLAB serving on the Mainstream and Plus committees and the Applications Review Committee. He is also a member of the Southeast Iowa Callers Association having held every office.

Tom is now teaching full-time at Burlington High School in the Business Department. He hopes to use his influence to help get modern western square dancing back in the schools.

Herb & Pat Edwards – 2011

Herb began his calling and teaching career in 1975. He has since served as club caller for numerous Illinois Edwards - 2011square dance clubs and graduated at least one and sometimes two or three classes of new dancers each year. Pat, since their marriage in 1982, has assisted with all the classes he has taught.

Both Herb & Pat have each taken active roles in the Illinois Callers Association serving as Director, President, Secretary, Bylaws Committee, Treasurer, and two years as Chairman of the Callers Association Benefit raising funds for various charities. Herb is also a member of Callerlab and was the first Treasurer for the Heartland Association.

Herb has attended and called at all 28 SCISDA State Conventions and while he was calling Pat has chaired a number of Fashion Shows, assisted with the sewing clinic, caller hospitality, and hall monitors. Last year and this year she has served as the Vendor Chairman. Herb has twice been the featured caller at the Illinois State Fair. Herb & Pat frequently travel throughout the state and surrounding states to call dances and to further promote the square dance activity.

Barry & Anita Johnson — 2011

Barry & Anita resumed squared dancing in 2000 after a hiatus to raise children and pursue careers. Since johnsonthen they have held every club office Arlington Squares has to offer and with multiple terms as President having just finished another term.

In 2002 they became involved with MCASD serving 9 years in various offices and will be serving again next year. They have also chaired 3 association Sweetheart Dances and managed Publicity for four years.

In 2003 they came to a SCISDA meeting to promote the idea of bidding to host a National Convention. When they left they’d agreed to chair our 2005 state convention. After a number of years of falling attendance they almost doubled attendance from the 2004 convention. They actively assisted with the next two Conventions and in 2006 became SCISDA President. As President they were instrumental in starting the SCISDA Hall of Fame. They served two terms and went on to serve as Advisors and then Vice-Presidents. They currently are again serving as President.

Barry has recently taken up square dance calling and has joined Callerlab where he is already taking on responsibilities.

Their promotion and work on behalf of square dance at all levels—club, association and state—make them a real role model and asset to our activity.

Wayman & Mary Tripp – 2011

Wayman & Mary have been dancing since 1994 and the following year began serving the first year of tripptheir seven years as President of the Marion Chain Gang Club. They served another 7 years as President of Venus & Mars Square Dance Club which they helped organize. As club leaders they promoted square dancing by organizing many demos at nursing homes, senior citizens centers, shopping malls, town festivals and school events.

Since 1999 they have served as the Treasurer and insurance coordinator of the Southwest Illinois Association of Square & Round Dance Clubs. At the Association level, they visit clubs to promote association and state activities. They maintain the Southern Illinois Square Dance Directory and have hosted several charity fund raiser dances.

Tripp’s served 3 years as SCISDA Vice-Presidents Southern Region, 4 years as Idea Book Chairman, and 2 years as State Council President.

The square dance community could not ask for better ambassadors than Wayman & Mary. They represent all that is good and enjoyable about square dancing.


David & JoAnn Hawkins – 2013

David and JoAnn are members of Country Squares in Lewiston, MO. They served as Northern District hawkinsRepresentatives of Missouri for Country Squares. They have been members of Q-City Squares of Quincy, Illinois since they met in 1991 and married a year later. They served as Vice-President and President of the club. They also belong to Silver Dollar Squares of Quincy, IL. They dance in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois. They served tirelessly as SICSDA Treasurer from 2003 till 2013 when they retired.


Dale & Bev McRoberts – 2013Dale and Bev were married in 1960. In 1969, Dale attended Caller School in Nebraska. After completing mcrobertshis master’s degree in 1970, he taught 4 couples to dance and then another 10 couples who started the Atlanta Shufflers. In 1979, Dale became the club caller for the Morton Whirl-A-Ways. For years this club has been the largest club in Central Illinois, largely due to his dedication to teaching square dance. Bev assists him by sending out a weekly newsletter and maintaining the club history. She also teaches lines and some round dances. Together they hosted the May Festival 4 different times.

Dale & Bev were Publicity Chairmen for the 2008 SCISDA Convention in Lincoln. They secured Decatur TV coverage for the convention as well as a full page article in a Bloomington newspaper. They were also in charge of promoting and advertising for the convention in Springfield in 2010 and 2011. Dale is a very dedicated caller and square dance teacher.


Nelson & Peggy Dyer – 2015

Nelson & Peggy began dancing with Frontier Twirlers of Danville in l980 after taking lessons with Ben Nelson & Peggy Dyer - 2015Baldwin. They served in many club jobs and as delegates to IFSRDC. Nelson became a caller to help promote square dancing to young people; he taught square dance to 7th & 8th graders in the Danville area; for several years he also hosted a radio show promoting square dancing.

Their involvement with the federation led to serving as Directors to SCISDA; next to SCSDA Corresponding Secretary (1992 and 1993); then to Central Vice-President (3 terms – 90, 91 and 94); and then President for two terms 1996 and 1997. They also served in other capacities such as delegates to USDA at national conventions, panelists at the St. Louis National Convention and chairman of three SCISDA convention style shows.

In 1996 while Dyers were serving as SCISDA President, the Convention Chairman suffered a heart attack just days before the convention. Dyers and others immediately jumped into action and helped pull off a successful convention.

Nelson & Peggy promoted square dancing every chance they got. Nelson passed away May 14, 2012. Peggy still dances occasionally in the local area.

Ron & Mary Garber — 2015

Ron & Mary began dancing in 1992. They were members of Morton Whirl-A-Ways and also joined Swing-Ron & Mary Garber - 2015N-Travelers. They served as officers in both clubs and went on to become active in the IFSRDC where they served as Vice-President and President and worked on four May Festivals and co-chairing in 2007.

In 2003 they became SCISD Directors and served as such on and off through 2010. In 2008 they served as Central Vice-President and assisted in finding a facility to house the 2010 and 2011 state conventions both of which they co-chaired.

Both Ron & Mary were very involved in the 2008 convention which was our 25th convention and where the SCISDA Hall of Fame made its debut. Ron & Mary helped to lay out the requirements for the Hall of Fame, hosting organizational meetings and to research and design the present Hall of Fame display plaque.

Ron and his doctors attribute part of his good health to square dancing. Ron and Mary met through square dancing and have tried to pass on their enthusiasm to everyone they meet.


Joe & Dolores began dancing with Oceanwaves, an MCASD club, and quickly found their way into active Joe & Dolores Gulan - 2015roles in both their club and MCASD.

They attended some of the very early SCISDA organizational meetings representing MCASD and went on to be elected in 1983 as the first SCISDA Corresponding Secretary. They served in this same office for another four terms (1984, 1985, 1986 and 1992)

During 1989 and 1990 they served as Directors to SCISDA from MCASD.

In 1993 they were elected to the office of SCISDA Vice-President for Northern Illinois. Next they were elected to serve as SCISDA President for two years—1994 and 1995. They followed up with two years as Past President and Advisor 1996-1997.

During their years with SCISDA they served on many convention committees in various capacities including caller programming, volunteer coordinator and others. They also travelled extensively and earned their SCISDA travelers badge. Due to health reasons they are not dancing at this time.


Ron & Jan were introduced to square dancing in l975 at a “Fun Night” in Delavan, Illinois.  Following graduation they traveled to many dances, clubs,Ron & Jan Betzelberger Photo - 2016 festivals and various weekends.  Within a few years Ron started square dance calling doing as many “Fun Nights” as possible to introduce people to the joy of square dancing.

In 1982, Ron & Jan began to round dance and later became involved in teaching.  They have written many dances some of which have been selected as the “Round of the Month” by many dance associations.

They attend Illinois State Conventions regularly where they call, cue and teach.  They were round dance program chairmen for the Illinois State Conventions in 2008, 2010 and 2011.  Ron is a member of the Illinois Callers Association and other caller/cuer associations.  Today they continue to do fun nights and teach classes while wintering in Texas.


Bobby began square dancing at the age of eight and four years later in 1982 he Bobby-2014began to call with his Dad, Bob Poyner.

Since 1992 he has been teaching square dance classes and conducts demos at churches, park districts, retirement facilities, nursing homes and schools to introduce adults and children to square dancing.  He has coordinated demos and intros at dozens of community events and has participated in many MCASD association dances and Mini-Conventions in the Chicago area.

He has attended every SCISDA convention to date (33 this year).  He co-programmed the callers for the 2012 SCISDA convention in Oak Brook Hills and was the general chairman of the 2013 convention.  He has attended 28 National Conventions and has called at 26 of them.  He is a member of Callerlab, BMI and ASCAP.

Bobby, his wife Amber and sons Aaron and Tommy live in Joliet.


 Tommy began his calling career as a teenager in 1965 by learning to call to some records his Dad bought at a local store.  Within a year he had started a teen club in Tommy Kirkwood 2014Rockford and while in college called for 2 other clubs.

Tommy & Linda worked on the founding SCISDA organizational committee and during the first three conventions served as the programming advisor.  In 2009 Tommy was the programing chairman for the SCISDA convention hosted by the Quad Cities Federation.  They have attended every SCISDA convention to date—33 counting this year.  They even attended the very first Illinois convention in 1965 prior to the formation of SCISDA.

Tommy & Linda now live in the Quad Cities area where they are active with many local clubs, the federation and callers association.

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