Welcome to Illinois Square Dancing

We are the The State Council of Illinois Square Dance Associations (we call it SCISDA for short) and we’re here to help you discover the fun and friendship of square dancing and round dancing in Illinois.

On this website you can find information about where dances are happening in Illinois and the dance clubs that host them. You can also learn about SCISDA programs that support these clubs. Our state convention is the biggest dancing activity we sponsor, with square dances, round dances, lessons, vendors and much, much more. The State Convention page will give you details as well as contact information so you can find out more.

If you are new to square dancing or round dancing, check out the New Dancer page. In addition to information about where you can learn square dancing or round dancing, we have the answers to the questions people most often ask.

So, jump on in and click a button and discover what Illinois has to offer.


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